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Design Sprint can help you create, innovate or grow faster?

  • Baerum International Hub 1 Fjordveien Høvik, Akershus, 1363 Norway (map)

The number one wasting activity in companies are unstructured meetings.
Meetings are usually a bunch of people coming together sitting in chairs and just talk. As meetings wastes time they can also be a really deflating activity when you could use that precious time on something productive.

The Lightning Decision Jam is a 1 hour workshop exercice. It takes the best parts from Design Thinking, Gamestorming and the Design Sprint to name a few.
We use the Lightning Decision Jam at Inligo to structure our meetings and quickly get to a decision or one or more actionable solutions to a problem.
We use a version of the lightning decision jam to create a content plan for our growth marketing, and another version when we run growth sprints for our customers.

Whether you're working in a marketing team, a product design team, in a startup or even in a big corporate, this exercise will drastically improve how quickly and easily you come up with solutions for any problem your team might be facing.

Come and join our Design Sprint Workshop and se the wonders of Design Sprint and how it can change how fast your team and company solves problems and test new ideas.