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How to write applications for funding your startup

💡 How to write applications for funding your startup: policies and instruments through the applicant's glasses:

👉 Audience: Members of BIH / OIH, startups network on our investment program Nordic Angel Program;

👉 Description:

Do you know how many companies lose every year millions of NOK of public funds simply because they are unaware of the opportunities existing in the policy instrument.
There are a lof of case where SkatteFUNN is not requested at all and, since the SkatteFUNN grant is not considered taxable income, it is a very serious loss for the company.

There are a lot of examples that shows us how important it is to be well informed about incentive systems, the deadlines for applications and more in what is called the public policy instrument.

If your project is SOLID, SkatteFUNN support is something you are entitled to and not something you have to compete for.
This means that the chances of success with the tax fund are much higher than in other schemes.

By combining SkatteFUNN with other schemes, many companies can receive up to 60% of their development costs through public support and in some cases up to 80%.

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🔜 Pål Hoff (Daglig leder Nyttige ideer AS), thanks to his experience and the huge know-how he has developed in the sector, will speak about this topic during an extremely interesting & useful meeting and will help us to deepen the theme.