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5 critical lessons for start-ups from effective military teams 

Learn how to create an effective team that will grow your business, solve complex problems and innovate.

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Join our event to learn:


·       Why your business results are dependent on having the right team dynamic

·       How to map your current team dynamic

·       What team dynamic you can create to solve the challenges specific for your business

·       How the military builds effective teams capable of solving complex problems together


Learn how the military builds effective teams. 


·       We share our experience as leaders in the military, while using the most advanced team development tool available

·       We share some of the secrets units like the Navy Seals and NATO Special Forces use to build teams that can thrive in complex environments

·       Learn how the military uses the most modern academic research and tools when building teams as developed by Prof Sjøvoldat NTNUand SPGR


Your business success is dependent on how your team collaborates:


·       The #1 reason that start-ups fail is not having the right team, so long as there is a market for their solution and enough funding. CBInsights.

·       “We’ve found patterns of communication [team dynamic] to be the most important predictor of a team’s success.” The New Science of Building Great Teams, HBR

·       The ability to thrive as a business start-up is dependent on the team you build. 

·       Are you building the right kind of team that will solve the challenges unique to your business?


 “The level of insight is incredible…. it’s like you have worked with my team for 2 years”.


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The host’s background :

Frederick M Fladmarkwas an officer in the Norwegian Army for over 7 years, deploying twice to Afghanistan. He has worked with military units including Telemark Bataljon, US/NATO Special Forces, Hærstaben and FOH, among others. 

Fredericknow works with businesses and start-ups to help them build teams and gain an edge in markets experiencing technological change.   

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