Tilbud om inkubatorplasser

Tilbud om inkubatorplasser

Offers of incubators

For starters in new Asker and Bærum, office space is offered with follow-up through AskersHus' business garden at "Viken Space" at Drengsrud and through Bærum Business Council at Bærum International Hub, Høvik.

Duration: 3 months.

If you are interested in an incubator, please send an email to launcher@askershus.no

In new Asker and Bærum, there is a monthly deductible of NOK 1000 ex. VAT.

Inspiring premises!
For etablerere i nye Asker og Bærum tilbys det kontorplasser med oppfølging gjennom AskersHus næringshage hos "Viken Space" på Drengsrud og gjennom Bærum Næringsråd hos Bærum International Hub, Høvik.

Varighet: 3 mnd.

Ved interesse for inkubatorplass send en epost til etablerer@askershus.no

I nye Asker og Bærum er det en månedlig egenandel på kr 1000 eks.mva.

Inspirerende lokaler!


We are more than just an office space

Written by Katerina Zakrevskaya

Do you have a problem you cannot solve? And Your brain tries finding solutions days and nights. You feel lost, nervous and maybe somewhat exhausted.

And when you are just about to give up, you suddenly get solution served even without asking for help! What is that?

●        Coincidence?

●        Power of your mind?

●        Law of attraction?

 None of that! It is Bærum International Hub community spirit in action!


Meet wonderful people.   Find good  solutions. Connect and stay inspired!

Magic started today when Lena Helen Garstad and Birgitte Nitter met in our hot desk area. Both Helen and Birgitte just have become new members of our community.


The ideas were bubbling, knowledge was shared and believe me each of us received the information we were looking for. Within 30 minutes, we got a coaching session on relationship, selling strategy, self-confidence and experienced virtual Bergen together with Lena Helen. Birgitte shared her knowledge about how to use avatars\personas for creating blog posts. 

We welcome our new community members

Lena Helen Garstad  is therapist, mental trainer and organizational psychologist  in Under The Umbrella. When she found out, that Bærum International Hub shares green vision together with Høvik park, she decided to check upon our office spaces. We are happy that Helen will be collaborating with us. Her enthusiasm and positivity energized everyone: we don't need more of vitamin D!

Birgitte Nitter is a freelance writer, social anthropologist and consultant in change management .  She was looking for a quiet office space to focus on writing and be social during her coffee breaks.  Our hot desk was a perfect match for her.  Her gentle and humble nature is an asset for us.                            

What is there for me?

A good thing about renting and sharing office space in Bærum International hub is that you can get access to free expertise of people and get in touch with beautiful souls.  You get desk, chair and an  opportunity to connect through sharing knowledge and  experience. This is a huge bonus.

Grab your chance and book a meeting with us.  Maybe you can  meet your new business partner? Or A new customer? Or even a spouse? With us, everything is possible!







Noradkonferansen 2018 - Sivilt samfunn: Trusler og veivalg

At the Norad conference in 2018 we discussed the situation for civil society internationally - with new threats and new road choices. Civil society is an important channel for Norwegian aid: Two out of ten Norwegian aid funds are channeled through civil society organizations.

Civil society organizations in the assistance represent a vast and knowledgeable diversity: ranging from service delivery, work for vulnerable groups to political activism. Labor conditions for the sector deteriorate: Journalists, activists, religious leaders and NGOs around the world experience increased regulation, control, threats and monitoring. When the conditions change and the action room is shrinking, civil society must now find new ways to work on.

This year's Norad conference is about how civilian actors meet the challenges and still manage to find action rooms. How do we meet new challenges? How do we create engagement and find new partners and new ways to work?