Noradkonferansen 2018 - Sivilt samfunn: Trusler og veivalg

At the Norad conference in 2018 we discussed the situation for civil society internationally - with new threats and new road choices. Civil society is an important channel for Norwegian aid: Two out of ten Norwegian aid funds are channeled through civil society organizations.

Civil society organizations in the assistance represent a vast and knowledgeable diversity: ranging from service delivery, work for vulnerable groups to political activism. Labor conditions for the sector deteriorate: Journalists, activists, religious leaders and NGOs around the world experience increased regulation, control, threats and monitoring. When the conditions change and the action room is shrinking, civil society must now find new ways to work on.

This year's Norad conference is about how civilian actors meet the challenges and still manage to find action rooms. How do we meet new challenges? How do we create engagement and find new partners and new ways to work?