Auditorium Hall

The Auditorium Hall has room for up to 50 seats, but it is still possible to “fill” the room with more people.

Are you planning an information meeting, product launch, kick off or something similar? Planning a meeting where a theatre seating layout would be right for you? Then this is the space you have to try!

In addition, every seat is equipped with a small collapsible table so that participants can take notes. Right outside, the Auditorium has its own relaxation area connected to other meeting rooms with toilets available.

If you are hiring the Auditorium, we offer an array of possibilities for parallel sessions, seminars, workshops and coffee breaks. Bærum International Hub can assist you in finding the best solution for your own particular event. The Auditorium area has its own floor section, which can lend a private and intimate feeling to your event.

Bærum International Hub is a co-working space for internationals in Asker and Bærum areas. It is centrally located in Høvik Park, right next to the highway E18 exit, train station and bus stop.
It is set to become a preferred International Startup Incubator and home to start-ups across different industries.