Did you know?

50% report higher incomes when coworking (Source: deskmag.com)

HOT desk

Guaranteed workspace in a common area at one location. Just bring your laptop, pick an open seat, and get to work. Great for the solo entrepreneur or creative looking for a stable, innovative workspace with supportive co-workers and educational programs and events.

From 990,- a month

Office SPACE

Need an office for you and your team? Our offices are in an international and entrepreneurial atmosphere. You will have access to our programming and a network of “coworkers” from around the world with various talents.

From 5990,- a month

fixed desk

Our Fixed Desk let you ground your business’s home base in a buzzing hub of creativity and commerce. With this  office space plan, your workspace is permanent, meaning you and your team work from the same spot each day. Feel the peace-of-mind from knowing there's a station waiting for you every morning, and the ease of not having to carry your stuff around with you all the time.

From 1990,- a month


For the entrepreneur or team looking for a virtual office with a postal service and occasional access to meeting rooms.

From 199,- a month